FOSA Specialty Day Program

Federation of Spine Associations

American Spinal Injury Association • Cervical Spine Research Society •
North America Spine Society • Scoliosis Research Society


Mission Statement:
The Federation of Spine Associations will provide a forum for component spine societies to present high quality educational content on all aspects of spinal disorders.

Educational Objectives:
•  To present a common forum for the four spine societies to exchange ideas regarding basic science and clinical problems of the spine.
•  To discuss current concepts in diagnosis and management of spinal disorders in the form of symposia, free papers, and instructional presentations.
•  To update the review of clinical and surgical results as well as complications.

2018-2019 FOSA Executive Committee:
FOSA President: Douglas C. Burton, MD
FOSA Secretary-Treasurer: John Dimar, II, MD

ASIA: Jacob Buchowski, MD and Lukas Zebala, MD
CSRS: Michael D. Daubs, MD and Michael C. Gerling, MD
NASS: Zoher Ghogawala, MD and John Finkenberg, MD
SRS: Douglas C. Burton, MD and Suken Shah, MD
AAOS Spine Content Chair: Louis G. Jenis, MD

Future Meetings: 
FOSA 2019 Specialty Day–March 16, Las Vegas, NV


2018 Specialty Day Final Program with links to handouts

Final Program

Final Program - Updated