About CSRS

Mission of Cervical Spine Research Society

The Cervical Spine Research Society is a multidisciplinary organization of individuals interested in clinical and research problems of the cervical spine.  Its purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange and development of ideas and philosophy regarding the diagnosis and treatment of cervical spine injury and disease.  The organization values collegial interaction and strong scientific principles.

Vision Statement

The Cervical Spine Research Society is the recognized authority on diseases of the cervical spine.

Our Commitment to Achieve this Vision

To achieve this vision, the Cervical Spine Research Society will strive for excellence in presenting the Annual Meeting program; promoting high quality meaningful research; making available to the public the best information about diseases and their treatment; collaborating with other organizations that will benefit our members and the public; being a resource for other institutions who need accurate information about the cervical spine; and satisfy the expectations of the membership.