Membership Types

Active Member | Candidate Member | Senior Member | Affiliate Member

Active Members

 Active Members shall consist of those individuals who fulfill the following requirements:

  1. If the candidate is in the clinical practice of medicine, such candidate shall be Board-certified or equivalent certification in their healthcare system and country.
  2. Non-board certified candidate has been in practice for a minimum of 3 years with a practice focused on spine surgery. Additionally the applicant must submit a letter from the Chief of their department/or division from their primary institution of practice stating that their practice is primarily spine based and they are in good standing based on their institution and country of practice. Non-clinical candidate must have an advanced degree related to the Cervical Spine Field.
  3. Three letters of recommendation, all of which must be Active Members of the Cervical Spine Research Society.
  4. Attendance of at least one CSRS Annual Meeting prior to consideration of your application.
  5. Author or co-author on a paper or poster presented at CSRS Annual Meeting prior to consideration of your application.

Each active member is also required to demonstrate active participation in the affairs of the Society by completing one or more of the following at least once every three years:

  • Submit a Scientific Paper for presentation at a scientific seminar; serve on a committee; present at an Instructional Course; serve as moderator or presenter at a scientific seminar of the Society.
  • Participate in Society research and data collection studies, as directed.
  •  Attend a Society Annual Meeting.

Dues: $950 per calendar year. (The annual meeting registration fee is included in this amount.)

Current Dues Amount: $950
Current Dues Deadline* for 2022 Calendar Year: 12/31/2021
*Late fee of $100** will be charged to any Active Member who has not paid 2022 dues by 4/1/2022.
**Late fee is subject to change depending on country of origin.

Candidate Members

Candidate Membership is open to individuals who are either in training or post-undergraduate educational programs for either Board certification or an advanced degree in the cervical spine field; or are within seven (7) years of completing their training program; or have completed their training program, are Board eligible and are in the process of Board certification.

Candidates must submit one letter of recommendation from an Active Member to be considered for membership. Candidate Members shall be required to attend a CSRS Annual Meeting after three (3) years of membership in this class. Upon completion of Board Certification, Candidate Members are required to apply for full Active Membership. Candidate Members shall not have the right to vote or to hold office or serve as directors of the Society.

Senior Members

Senior Membership is open to individuals who, while Active Members, formally retire from the active practice of medicine or research in the cervical spine field and are conferred such status by the Board of Directors after making application to the Society therefore. Senior Members each have the right to vote on all matters with respect to which the members of the Society are entitled to vote, but they shall not have the right to hold office or serve as directors of the Society.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Membership is open to individuals who are members in good standing of a Cervical Spine Research Society Affiliate Organization. Affiliate Members shall have the right to attend any meetings or activities that a member of the Society may attend; however, Affiliate Members shall not have the right to vote or to hold office or serve as directors of the Society.