In Memoriam: Dr. Christopher Ullrich

Christopher Ullrich, MD

December 31, 1950 - August 8, 2021


Christopher Ullrich, MD, passed away on Sunday, August 8, 2021. He served as CSRS President in 2000. Dr. Ullrich was an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the CSRS. In his distinguished career with our society, he was one of the few non-surgeons to serve as President.  In his presentations and comments at our meetings, Chris always demonstrated a profound knowledge of radiology as it pertained to the cervical spine, but he always did so in a humble, unassuming manner.  Despite his stature within the CSRS, he was always warm, welcoming, and approachable to any and all who shared an interest in the society he so dearly loved. Dr. John Rhee, current CSRS President, remembers Dr. Ullrich saying “I will forever be grateful for the way he welcomed me into the society as a young member.”

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