Letter from President Rick Sasso, MD

President's Message


That word- repeatedly used to describe this year, is no different for the Cervical Spine Research Society. However-the pandemic is not the only reason the CSRS is having an unparalleled year. Certainly, we had to cancel our first-ever Fellows Hands-On Surgical Techniques Course despite tremendous industry support, over-subscribed attendance, and enthusiastic faculty members (all past CSRS Presidents) due to COVID travel restrictions. Moreover, planning for our Annual Meeting is challenging due to uncertainty surrounding this virus. Nevertheless, we have had an extraordinary year for reasons not related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CSRS just signed a commitment for a multi-million dollar endowment to support research relating to spinal cord injury and dysfunction. Wellington Hsu will provide more details on the application process for this exciting new research grant.

CSRS has begun entering patients into its Registry database. Patients who undergo operative treatment for cervical radiculopathy and myelopathy are eligible for recruitment. This should provide outstanding data for future research of cervical spine disorders. Please contact Zo Ghogawala if you or your partners wish to be involved in this project.

CSRS will be awarding its first Lifetime Achievement Award this year at our annual meeting. Please see the article below if you wish to nominate a CSRS member. This is a tremendous opportunity to recognize our iconic members, those who have made CSRS the most magnificent and admired academic research society.

CSRS Annual Meeting- The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas December 10-12, 2020. I am excited to announce that my Presidential Speaker will be Peyton Manning-5 time NFL MVP and 2-time super bowl-winning quarterback. Please plan to attend. It will be a fabulous event!

These unprecedented times have stressed all of us. I hope that through this, you have found the importance of family and caring for your patients with cervical spinal disorders. Curing cervical myelopathy and radiculopathy is not elective-it is essential and our patients have depended on us to continue our work despite this pandemic. I salute you-and all you do for your patients and community.

I hope to see you in December-

Rick C. Sasso MD