• E-Bulletin February 2019

    On behalf of the Society and our membership, I want to offer our sincere gratitude to Jeff Wang for his tenure as president.

  • E-Bulletin October 2018

    I hope you all had an enjoyable summer that included much needed time away.  CSRS has had a busy year to date. (Download PDF 223 KB)

  • E-Bulletin June 2018

    It is truly an honor to serve you as your 45th CSRS President. I am extremely privileged to stand in the company of the preceding CSRS Presidents and all their contributions to the field of cervical spine. (Download PDF 325 KB)

  • E-Bulletin February 2018

    As outgoing CSRS President, I would like to offer sincere congratulations to Jeff Wang as he assumes his role as President.  In addition, congratulations to Rick Sasso, Vice President; Alex Ghanaymen, Treasurer; and James Harrop, Secretary, in their new roles. (Download PDF 669 KB)

  • E-Bulletin August 2017

    I hope you have enjoyed a great year so far.  It is hard to believe my tenure as president is already halfway over.   As the Summer winds down, the excellent work of the organization continues . . .   (Download PDF 803 KB)

  • E-Bulletin June 2017

    It is truly an honor to serve you as CSRS’ 44th President.  I am extremely privileged to stand in the company of the 43 preceding CSRS Presidents and am grateful for all of their contributions.(Download PDF 868 KB)

  • E-Bulletin February 2017

    Congratulations and sincere thanks to Bob Heary on his successful 2016 Presidential year. Bob provided excellent direction and leadership to the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and CSRS membership. We are grateful for his CSRS commitment and service. (Download PDF 865 KB)

  • E-Bulletin June 2016

    As the 43rd President of the CSRS, I am honored to have been elected and to serve all of you and this great organization. I gratefully acknowledge all of the preceding Presidents who have provided much thoughtful leadership and remarkable examples of commitment.  (Download PDF 1,181 KB)