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     The CSRS Video Archive is a repository of lectures, debates and symposia presented at an Annual Meeting, Instructional Course Lecture, and Hands-On Surgical Techniques Course, from 2020 forward. The videos can be searched in a variety of ways, such as by words in the title, keywords, speaker, and year of presentation. This archive will function, in essence, as a video textbook of cervical spine surgery, but - unlike a traditional textbook - one that is continually updated and expanded from CSRS, the most authoritative organization on cervical spine research and education.
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2021 Hands-On Surgical Techniques Course

Transoral Approaches to the Craniocervical Junction

Andrew Dailey, MD, FAANS | 18:37 | 2021
Dr. Andrew Dailey reviews the traditional transoral approach to the craniocervical junction as well as the evolving endoscopic methods.

Anterior Cervical Approach with Focus on C2-3 and C7-T1

Todd Albert, MD | 15:05 | 2021
Dr. Albert presents fundamental anatomy and surgical approach to upper and lower cervical Spine.

Anterior Cervical Fusion and Plating Techniques: Avoiding ALOD, Length of Screws, & Different Plate Types

John Rhee, MD | 17:12 | 2021
Dr. John Rhee reviews techniques for optimizing the performance of anterior cervical fusion and plating. He also cover different plate types and...

Anterior Cervical Nonunion: Avoidance, Treatment, & Long Term Results

Bradford Currier, MD | 23:03 | 2021
Dr. Bradford Currier presents an overiew of the evaluation, prevalence, natural history, and treatment of pseudarthrosis after single or multiple...

C5 Palsy

Thomas Zdeblick, MD | 12:39 | 2021
Dr. Tom Zdeblick describes the incidence of post-operative C5 nerve palsy, and steps in prevention and management.

Cervical Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy (PSO) for Chin-on-Chest Kyphotic Deformity

Bradford Currier, MD | 19:00 | 2021
Dr. Currier provides a brief overview of cervical deformity evaluation and treatment with a focus on pedicle subtraction osteotomy for kyphosis.


Bruce Darden, II, MD | 18:50 | 2021
Dr. Bruce Darden II reviews of pertinent anatomy and the literature concerning dysphagia and dysphonia after anterior cervical surgery.

Geriatric Odontoid Fractures: When and How to Fix

Thomas Zdeblick, MD | 12:00 | 2021
Dr. Tom Zdeblick describes the incidence and management decisions involved with treating Odontoid fractures in the elderly. Describes non-surgical...

Hangman’s Fracture: A Guide to Surgical Indications and “How to Treat”

Paul Anderson, MD | 17:44 | 2021
Hangman's fracture also known as traumatic spondylolisthesis of the axis is defined as a fracture resulting in separation of the anterior and...


Christopher Shaffrey, MD | 24:24 | 2021
An overview of the indications, benefits, risks and alternatives to laminoplasty for management of cervical spondylotic myelopathy and ossification...

Occipital Fixation Including Condyle Screws

Vincent Traynelis, MD | 12:49 | 2021
Dr. Vince Traynelis reviews options for occipital fixation.

Posterior Cervical Laminoforaminotomy

Frank Eismont, MD | 15:59 | 2021
Dr. Frank Eismont discusses the indications, technique and risks and benefits of this procedure.

Subaxial Cervical Pedicle and Lateral Mass Screw Fixation

Paul Anderson, MD | 14:58 | 2021
Lateral mass screws are safe and effective but require a meticulous technique and preoperative planning. Pedicle screws at C3-6 should be reserved...

The Dislocated Subaxial C-Spine: Reduce First or MRI First?

Frank Eismont, MD | 17:38 | 2021
Dr. Frank Eismont describes the acute evaluation and treatment of patients with cervical facet dislocations. An emphasis is placed on the timing of...

Vertebral Artery Exposure and Control: Anterior Approach

Thomas Zdeblick, MD | 11:04 | 2021
Dr. Tom Zdeblick describes the causes of vertebral artery injury, steps to prevent, and steps to attempt control if it occurs

Vertebral Artery Exposure and Control: Posterior Occipitocervical Junction (C2-O)

Todd Albert, MD | 12:31 | 2021
Dr. Todd Albert presents fundamental anatomy and strategic approach to vertebral arteries at the occipitocervical junction.

C1-2 Posterior Fusion: Lateral Mass Screws C1 and C2 Pedicle, Pars, & Translaminar Screws

Rick Sasso, MD | 17:05 | 2021
Dr. Rick Sasso describes surgical technique for posterior C1-2 instrumentation and fusion

Emergent Airway Control after Anterior Cervical Procedures (Cricothyroidotomy)

Rick Sasso, MD | 19:48 | 2021
Dr. Rick Sasso presents a step-by-step algorithm for evaluation and treatment of acute airway compromise after anterior cervical procedures.

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