Letter From the President

Happy New Year! 

I am excited and honored to be assuming the role of President of the CSRS.  I want to first thank Jim Harrop, MD for his dedication and commitment over the past year while serving as our 49th president.  Jim was an outstanding president and improved many organizational issues in our society that will make my term and future presidents’ terms successful.  Jim will continue to contribute to our society in his role as past president.  Our CSRS Board, consisting of the presidential line, John Rhee, MD, Jim Harrop, MD, myself, Alpesh Patel, MD, Chris Shaffrey, MD, our Secretary, Steve Ludwig, MD, and Treasurer Tom Mroz, MD, are all looking forward to serving our organization and members over the next year.                 

Our 50th Annual Meeting in San Diego was a resounding success.  The attendance for the AM and ICL returned to pre-Covid levels.  Next year we will return to our standard in-person format for the ICL to be held on the Wednesday prior to the start of the AM. We have also restructured and re-directed our committees to better address the needs of our society and empower more of our members.  Candidate members are our future and will be actively involved in our committees.  We have also added a second CSRS  hands-on course for April of this year that will be tailored toward surgeons in their first 5 years of practice.  This course, led by past-presidents  Rick Sasso, MD and Vince Traynellis, MD has been a huge success and a premier educational offering by our society.

The strength and success of our society depends on our members.  Our recent member survey showed, 91% of our members feel strongly engaged in our society, which is  an incredible percentage for a professional organization.  The Cervical Spine Research Society is in great standing.

 I look forward to working with all of you over the next year.

Michael D. Daubs,MD
2023 CSRS President

Board of Directors

CSRS Committees